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Tree Service Review and Product Review…say what?

Gonna do a little bit of product review here.  While I am at it, I just want to say that I am really thankful that I found a tree company to help me get ready for the holiday season.

So if I had to write a review on the The Tree Service Company in St. Cloud, FL ( I’d have to say two thumbs up and 5 stars for sure. I was pretty skeptical at hiring anyone to touch the “hair” on my trees, but these guys came out and did a great job giving my yard a hair cut. I have been really watching my dollars and cents so I found them affordable too.

Just wanted to say that. Now on to the other product review:
I come from a long line of cheap (think THRIFTY!) people. There’s a good reason for it. Growing up, and for most of my adult life, money has not been plentiful. This is just because of the career path my parents took and that I took early on.
My parents spent their lives working for a non-profit organization for which they had to raise their own funds. In other words, they were not paid a salary. They lived off of whatever was donated to them by friends, family, and churches.
It was how things were done. The organization comprised 4,000 members, mostly working abroad, and this funding model was what all of them lived by, from the lowest person on the totem pole all the way to the president.
I worked for that same organization as an adult, for over 20 years. With the same funding model.
All that to say, when it came to hair-care and beauty products, I always bought the cheapest shampoo and hair-care stuff, and Revlon and Cover-Girl took care of me in the make-up department.
That changed some years ago with hair stylists and beauty professionals, including a niece, that educated me on the better products.  They told me how drug-store brands contain fillers that coat hair strands and dry out hair.
I began buying better products only available at salons. Yes, the stuff is twice or three times the cost (which still chafes me), but it lasts, and I know it’s better for my hair.
My hair needs change, and I depend on my stylist to tell me which products are the best for it at any given period.
For a couple of years, I worked long days outside. My hair took a beating both from exposure to the sun and also to chemicals that I was working around. I was getting chemicals on my hair when the wind carried overspray toward me.
For that, my stylist recommended Moonshine, by Biolage. It’s a product that you spray on after your hair is washed and dried, as a protectant. It’s formulated for hair that is regularly exposed to harmful elements.

I was able to find this review as well.
For regular washing, I used Biolage SuperCare. At the beginning, when I had heavy build-up and damage, I mixed the SuperCare with table vinegar, in a 50/50 solution. I washed my hair with that for a month, and it stripped out the build-up.
After that treatment (and a go-ahead from my stylist), I went back to using the SuperCare by itself, with an application of Moonshine afterward.
I’m no longer working outside all the time, so my stylist has switched me to BedHead Extreme Straight shampoo and conditioner. This is right for me now. Because the water where I live is hard, I tend to get mineral buildup. So I have a 50/50 mix of Extreme Straight and vinegar, and I use that once a week to get rid of the build-up.
I don’t need the Moonshine anymore. Now I spray a small amount of Matrix Root Lifter, since I’m growing my hair out and need some volume at the top.
Your hair is different from mine, so your needs will be different. I recommend asking your stylist what’s best for you.

Fake Boobs

Yes, I know, this is kind of a touchy subject, so if you have strong opinions, you might rather not read this. Or hell, read it and leave a comment. It could be interesting!
I wonder when the idea of breast implants was conceived. Actually, I bet I know. I bet the idea was conceived in the context of reconstructive surgery, for women who had undergone a mastectomy.

I’m sure it was thought up by someone who was concerned about a woman’s mental and emotional recovery from breast cancer.
And then undoubtedly some genius took it out of the realm of reconstruction and medical into the realm of beauty and cosmetics.

It has been a goldmine, I’m sure, especially in our culture where bigger is always better.
But the whole concept really really bugs me. And when I hear about high school girls getting implants, that makes me sad and angry at the same time.

I’m sad for women who feel like they aren’t beautiful or sexy or appealing unless they have C’s or D’s. That their beauty is about their boob size, and if they don’t fork out $5000 for the job, they are less than the next girl who has them—either purchased or naturally.

I’m angry at our culture that does stuff to make women feel like that. It really pisses me off to see the number of ads that show chicks with a giant rack, like somehow that has something to do with the product being sold.

It’s no wonder women want to have big tits.  Our world sends the message that success and money and relationships and beauty are really helped along if you’ve got jugs the size of Dolly Parton’s. Girls and women buy into that and then actually have surgery to attain it!
I have a friend who has had implants three times. All at $5000 a pop. I asked her why she had to get them three times, and she said the first two just wore out. Wore out? Dang!

On the flip side, I love it when I see ads and posters featuring women who are small to normal. My gym has giant pictures all around the walls. They show people running, biking, weight training, stuff like that.

Not one of the photos shows women hanging out of their exercise tops. Every one is normal; actually, they all look kind of flat (which a sports bra will certainly do to a woman!)
I also love it that some of today’s top actresses obviously have not had boob jobs. Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron are some my favorites. Those are small-chested women, and still, they are beautiful and successful and sexy as hell.

Which totally goes to show, you can be an A-cup and still be an A-lister!
I salute Hollywood women that don’t give in to the pressure to get fake boos. You KNOW they’re pressured to get them.
Thanks, ladies, for being strong and confident and showing the world that you like your bodies just as they are, and that you don’t need no stinkin’ implants. It sends a powerful, positive message to all of us women watching you.